Iroquois Class

Tags:  technology 
Author: Don Wilson
Published: Aug 2nd 2009
Updated: 4 years ago

Ships of the Iroquois Class

Pennant Number Ship Name Builder Commissioning Date Commanding Officer Engineering Officer Combat Systems Engineer Chief ERA
280 IROQUOIS MIL, Sorel 1972-07-29 Cdr D.H. McGillivrary LCdr Ron Hahn LCdr Jim Dean
281 HURON MIL, Sorel 1972-12-16 Cdr R.I. Hitesman LCdr Don Wilson LCdr Larry Liebrock CPO1 Dick Dawson
282 ATHABASKAN Davie, Lauzon 1972-09 Cdr R. Yanow LCdr Bob Douglas LCdr Paul Dumbrille
283 ALGONQUIN Davie, Lauzon 1973-09 Cdr R.L. McClean LCdr Joe Cunningham LCdr Ian MacMillan

Key Design Features (more detailed information to come)

  • All gas turbine propulsion
  • CCS 280 Command and Control System
  • Capacity to carry two Sea King helicopters